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We are designers and programmers with 20 years grassroots political experience. We do all of our coding in-house and won't outsource your work overseas.

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We develop online strategy and digital communications infrastructure for results- driven, immersive & innovative campaigns to reach targeted voters across all relevant mediums, networks, platforms and devices. Today’s most successful campaigns understand that as old media and traditional campaign methods become increasingly outmoded, successful campaigns must be on the cutting edge of technology to reach voters. The days of impersonal calls to action like robocalls and direct mail are giving way to more micro- targeted, hyper-local, personal and grassroots driven methods of communicating. As the flow of information and traditional mediums become increasingly decentralized, it is important to understand the direction of online communication trends and develop a flexible digital infrastructure to target and reach voters and streamline the flow of information between the candidate/campaign <->voters/ supporters. The latest tech tools/online trends are not ends unto themselves, but rather a means to increase voter contact, grassroots effectiveness and fundraising success.

Static websites and a presence on Facebook and Twitter are not enough to engage voters and mobilize supporters in 2010. As online communication becomes more sophisticated so do the expectations of voters, volunteers and donors that every aspect of a campaign not only be in real time and digitally accessible on their platform of choice, but also engaging, interactive and user friendly. As technology advances to empower the individual, the individual expects to have more control and a louder voice in the electoral process. Winning campaigns must not only meet these demands, but also use them to generate a bottomup-centric grassroots campaign as a resource multiplier and cost effective medium for direct voter contact.

At the end of the day it still boils down to identifying and understanding targeted voters and finding ways to communicating the candidate’s message more effectively with them. Advances in technology and online communication have advanced exponentially since the 2008 election, making this task much more sophisticated and also more challenging in some ways, yet in other ways, easier and much more results-driven. Our team always stays on course with metrics and return on investment while still employing new tools to stay innovative, fresh and keeping the end user immersed and engaged.

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