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Everything is going online and accordingly, tools and methods are advancing at a rapid pace. Keeping on top of these trends and choosing the right approach that will cost-effectively keep the campaign flexible enough to not only engage and mobilize supporters and prospective supporters but also keep the message on focus and ahead of the curve with an emphasis on impact over noise.


Develop Interactive Websites

The campaign website should be an interactive hub that serves a network
of online communities and drives the candidate’s message through these
distribution channels to maximize the reach to targeted supporters. It should also provide a user-friendly, dynamic and flexible platform for consistent and rapid-response messaging, and tools to engage and mobilize the end user as effectively as possible. Our team is hyper-aware of online trends and always looking for innovative ways to achieve this end, thus keeping supporters mobilized and immersed in calls to action such as: voter contact, supporter recruitment, messaging and fundraising.


Build Custom Online Communities

We build custom online communities that seamlessly integrate with the main website. These issue-specific and hyper-local social networks drive greater community participation, decentralized and user-generated content management and location and coalition-based mobilization.
This might be grassroots regions managed by regional staff that contain region specific information. This empowers supporters and provides them with all the information and tools needed to help the campaign and help grow the grassroots online networks by inviting and mobilizing their own base of contacts


Provide Integrative Data Solutions

We will help you find cost-effective comprehensive solutions for storing and retrieving your data. In the era of "Big Data," an integrative approach is essential for streamlining and growing your online base of support.


Create Micro Campaigns

We develop and execute organic list building campaigns that utilize online advertising and issue specific landing pages to increase your online conversions. These rapid-response messaging campaigns are designed to be rolled out very quickly.

Other Services

Interaction design, mobile web application development, email marketing, online branding, web video production and livestreaming, social media consulting and management, tech consulting.


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